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    I’m so frsutrated. My closing is set for 3/23/2018 and I still haven’t received my closing disclosure. I have tried to contact my closing coordinator and she has not replied to my email and the calls go straight to vm.




    Have you tried Member Services? I would ask them if they see your CC online (then you know if she’s in the office or just ignoring you) and maybe they can tell you if it was mailed out to you.


    I have called and asked them but they still just transferred me to her. They were like I’m not sure if she is in. I’m going to call again and see if they can tell me anything about the CD.


    Well I’m glad you bought this up! I found a cool link to help understand when it should be sent to close on time.


    I’m so happy I received my CD 2 hours ago and signed it right away. I can’t wait to close 3/23/2018!


    Received it electronically to my email from Citi


    I know you are very excited. Congratulations! Those keys will be in your hands very soon!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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