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    Let me start by saying my MC in the Dallas office has been wonderful! Although I am to be in contact with my Closing Coordinator for most questions, I hardly get a response from him so she helps me with everything. I am trying to balance what @TTrumble calls the closing crazies and frustration. We are now on extension 3 for closing and the seller is beyond upset, as am I. My original closing was May 29th. That didn’t happen because I was not yet cleared by HAND, but that was quickly cleared up when HAND cleared my file May 31st. During that time I had some conditions that were addressed after being rejected and I was told by my realtor we received a clear to close and would do so June 1. Well, title agent called to check the time for closing and she was told there was one outstanding condition. I contacted my CC and received no response. Finally received a response the next day that said I had already addressed condition and we would probably be closing the next week.

    Well, this is the next week and I have yet to get a response from the CC when I email. My MC has reached out to him twice on my behalf and she does not get a response either. This is all very frustrating! I have been hotel living for the past week waiting on closing. My file has moved from C&I Approved to N/A back to C&I Approved.

    If I do not close by this Friday it will not happen until at least mid-June as I travel with students for a conference next week. I am losing it! I am not sure who to contact for answers at this point or even find someone who has answers.



    The unresponsiveness of your CC is unacceptable and you really should be escalating your loan at this point. Have you tried contacting their manager? If not, I would send a follow up e-mail to your CC and copy their manager letting them know you have not received any response from the last e-mail you sent.


    Thank you @Searching4Homes for that advice. How would I go about finding out the CC’s manager? I called Member Services and spoke with a really nice lady who was going to email someone. She could see the email that I sent yesterday without response. Hopefully this is resolved soon. I am just about to lose it!


    Member Services should be able to provide you the name of the CC’s manager.


    Thank you @Searching4Homes. I think the last email sent from my MC might have included the manager. The CC is not even responding to her! I feel like I have been patient and accommodating up to the this point. I at least deserve a response to emails.


    My file updated about an hour ago to UW CTC! Maybe the emails are working. Let’s hope it keeps moving along today.


    Happy update – I hope everything works out from this point on.


    When did you end up closing?


    Hi @HoustonNacaProud,
    I closed June 8th but did not get funded until June 11th. Hope your journey goes well!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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