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    Good Morning,

    When I read some of the post on here I see people saying they communicated with their CC.. How do I find out who my CC is?


    This is a fuzzy area. The process started to change last summer where CCs were not necessarily used. I am not sure what came of that. The way it used to work was once you sign your bank app your MC would tell you who your CC was and that they would be your point of contact going forward. I think now the CC is still involved on the back end but, your MC is still your point of contact. The CCs, I think, work out of the Charlotte, NC office because it’s right next to BOA HQ. They seem to be the same as HAND and BOA – you can’t contact them they will contact you if and when necessary. Some might be more lenient but, it would be set up this way to ensure your MC is your point of contact. If you don’t know who your CC is then it is either your MC or someone who will reach out to provide you the CTC.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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