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    This is my 2nd time using the NACA program and I have referred a ton of people to use the program. My 1st time using NACA was a seamless process, however this 2nd time has been very difficult to say the least. The process has been very inconsistent and unorganized and I am becoming worried with our closing date.

    We are scheduled to close on Monday 5/6/19 and today is Friday 5/3/19 and we still have not received CTC. I have reached out to my CC numerous times and received no real answers as to what is going on with our file with the lender. The only explanation we receive is all conditions have been addressed and we are waiting for the lender and they have 48-72 hours to respond. That is not very helpful at all and I am becoming frustrated with the process. We do not have 48-72 hours to wait for the lender to finally respond. We address all conditions within 30 minutes and provide everything that is needed but it takes days for the underwriter/lender to respond and give clear to close. I am not sure how to handle this situation and how to move forward. We will be penalized $100 per day each day we are late closing and the seller may potentially pull out of the deal. It has been a very difficult process and I wish I could get some answers and find out if we will actually close on time or be delayed. It is very inconvenient to not have a plan/schedule for our lives. We have things we must handle and people to notify but there is not a sense of urgency at all. I will continue reaching out to the contacts I have but I am becoming less confident that we will close on time.


    Our closing process is not going well. We are now pushed back until May 10th but still haven’t gotten CTC and no disclosures. It’s becoming very frustrating and we do not know how to handle it or who to contact to get this resolved. Very disappointed.


    Did you call Member Services? They seem to be an excellent resource.


    I am having a similar experience @NACA-MEMBER2019. Our original closing date was April 26th. We email our closing coordinator and mortgage counselor nearly everyday to try to stay in the loop to figure out what is really going on with our file. We will be on our 3rd extension starting tomorrow, and we are scheduled to close on May 10th as well. I am really praying that we can close on time. I really hope everything works out for you too!!


    @BakerTheBaker – I will call them. Did not know that was a good option. Thanks!

    – I am praying also. It has been frustrating to say the least. Hope you close on time!


    Update – I contacted member services and they were able to contact my closing coordinator to get an update. We ended up having to request a rush for our file through our realtor. Now there seems to be an issue with the appraisal due to different appraisal values. Very confusing!

    I am not sure if we will make the May 10th closing date because we still have not receive CTC. Simply waiting for the underwriter and lender to get things squared away.

    The VVOE was ordered so that may be a good sign.


    Update – well another day goes by and NOTHING. This has been a complete disaster of a process. I have lost all confidence and have no idea what to do now. We are scheduled to closed on Friday May 10th and still have not received CTC.

    I have called member services many times and every person on my contact list but nobody has an answer as to why we are not CTC. This is very bad.


    @ttrumble any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


    I received the CTC the afternoon before the day I closed, I know it’s frustrating but you can get the CTC even the same day you close


    @southflorida – I understand but my issue is we’ve already missed closing once and received no answers on if closing will happen on May 10th. It’s beyond frustrating and I’ve requested an escalation/rush for our file but nothing still happened.


    I know it’s Nerve Wracking but YOU WILL CLOSE, I don’t know if it will be this Friday but you will have the keys to your new home soon


    @southflorida – I hope you are right but our biggest issue is we have $23,500 of earnest money/upgrade deposits that is non-refundable. The seller has threatened to pull out of the deal if closing is delayed again. The seller did not want to extend closing the 1st time but agreed and stated they were not willing to extend again. This is why I am completely frustrated because if we do not close on May 10th it could jeopardize a lot of money for us and it’s due to the process being completely unorganized.


    Update – another day goes by and still no CTC. Closing day is supposed to be tomorrow May 10th but it’s not looking good at this point. Very unfortunate situation.


    Update – just received an email with our closing disclosure, which the numbers are incorrect. Looks like we are definitely missing closing tomorrow as the lady states we cannot close until 3 business days after receiving the closing disclosure.

    This has been a complete disaster of a situation. Another delay due to the lender not being prompt and efficient.


    Update – We finally got UW CTC today. Our file was expedited due to all of these issues and we are pushing for a 5/13 closing date. Hopefully it all works out.

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