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    I addressed all lender conditions and got my home insurance. Also my title stuff is complete. My status now says C&I approved. What does that mean and what’s the next step?


    I’d like to know also because my title company just contacted me today also and i turned in everything they asked for and the title company stated I was good to go for now .



    I think C&I Approved means Credit & Income approved


    @southflorida have you been contacted by the title company yet?



    I am doing New construction that won’t be finished until the end of the year so I don’t think I will be contacted by the title company at this stage


    @southflorida oh okay



    Hello yassieyas,

    C&I Approved does indeed mean Credit and Income Approved as southflorida noted. That’s an important step forward. Basically, it means the bank has confirmed that you are financially capable of handling the mortgage you have applied for.

    You just took a big step forward toward getting the keys. From here forward it’s mainly making sure everything else is in place such as value of the home vs. purchase price, clear title, any final documents required, and so on.

    Please keep us updated!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA




    Update: I ran into a road block. My COC has to be fixed for the third time and my closing coordinator said to contact my underwriter but the underwriter is out of town until the 20th. I called multiple people and have been bounced around to a few different numbers. according to my Citibank papers my interest rate lock in ends aug 27th and after that i pay $71 each day. is there anybody in the underwriting department who i can call? Any help would be greatly appreciated



    I think you don’t have to worry about the locked interest date, I think with NACA the interest that you got is locked for a year



    I’m honestly just really frustrated and this is is just a frustration post. After leaving a voicemail with the regional manager for underwriters and not hearing back. I spoke with my closing coordinator yesterday about who can help me with my COC Form since my underwriter and counselor are on vacation. she got in contact with a counselor who said he will get in contact with me after his lunch. I heard nothing from him so I called the dc office and was told he was busy so they tried to pass me along to another counselor. She was busy so they said they would call back by the end of the day. Of course no word back so I called and was told I would have to wait till today. I spoke with a counselor today and he was lost because he’s never did a loan application with a hpap grant. Also, I asked why a hoepa grant was added the second time my COC Form was done and he didn’t know and said “oh, well if the underwriter put it up there then most likely it’s right.” I need an explanation cuz this a loan application that I’m agreeing to so I would like to know what exactly what the grant is and why I’m getting it and to make sure it’s suppose to be up there and not taken away. I still didn’t even get my COC Form from the processing department even though I was told I would get it togday. This is the only form that is holding me up. My original close date was July 31st and I got a second extension until August 31st from the sellers but I highly doubt I will get another extension. So now my earnest money is in jeopardy all because I can’t get this one form done right.



    Wooohooo! I had minor lender conditions to meet yesterday, which I jumped on IMMEDIATELY! My status is now showing C&I Approved! I am awaiting the paid invoice from seller from the one required repair and I will be able to clear HAND.

    Question: Is there a reason why the Bank and/or CC requested that the effective date of my policy be almost 2 weeks prior to my close date on the P&S?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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