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    Are there any benefits of using an in office NACA realtor vs your own private realtor? I volunteered the other day and one of the speakers mentioned using an in-house NACA realtor vs a private realtor. I briefly heard her mention that using a in house NACA realtor you won’t have to worry about paying extra since it’s a “one fee” that they get paid. Am I right to assume that one fee is covered by your membership dues? Would it be wise to go with an in house realtor. I’m assuming one of the downfalls would be their workload similar to an MC where they can’t commit to much time to your specific case due to the amount of clients they’re dealing with.

    She did mention that another benefit would be that they’re right there in the same office as your MC to communicate quickly which is key between a realtor and your MC to keep things on track.

    Any advice is appreciated by


    Realtor isn’t necessarily in the office. They are just realtors that are already registered with NACA and understand the program. If you use your own personal realtor they still have to do the Naca webinar. It just goes more smoothly I think if you use a NACA realtor. I’ve had two so far though and they were not high quality. Not people I would ever consider using outside of NACA but they understood the steps and had relationships with the NACA staff…Knew who to call if there was an issue etc.


    ALL agents must be registered with NACA in order to use them with the naca program. You will not be allowed to submit a contract and continue with the naca program if your agent is not registered.

    An In-house agent is one that works exclusively for NACA at the local naca office. Any other agent is one that may or may not take on naca clients and works for a real estate agency or broker.

    There is no fee to you regardless of which type of agent you go with. All agents will be paid accordingly though.

    You are right, quite often one of the downfall is that in-house agents operate just like MCs. There may be only 1 or 2 in-house agents for the entire MSA. The benefit though is that they should know the program inside and out.


    I just went through this and ended up finding someone at an agency to represent me. They were more than happy to go through the NACA process.

    I started with an in house agent but found that for our needs and challenges faced with the in house agent, going with an agency would put us in the best possible situation for our house search.


    My biggest concern is I live 3 1/2 hours away from a local NACA office. I don’t even know if there is one that is in my MSA. Is there a way to find out so I can have a non NACA realtor ready just in case?


    You will find out when you attend the workshop.

    If I were you I would find your own agent and get them naca certified. If there is a naca in-house agent they will operate out of the local office with a chance they will not service your county or that far out from the local office…as a general rule of thumb agents like to keep a 45-60 minute driving radius.


    Are you in NYC? I recently closed on my NACA mortgage on January 30th. The process inspired me to become a real estate agent. So, I just went through the NACA process, registered as a NACA agent, and am eager to help others to navigate the process. Feel free to email me because I can also refer you to other agents.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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