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    Can I sign up for another ATD even though I have one scheduled for July. Just in case I dont get qualified in July, I wont have to wait til potentially January for another ATD due to them filling up fast.

    Question 2? is anyone working in the local offices? Tampa?


    So I can answer the 2nd question. All offices are closed to the public. All staff are working from home at least part time. You will be able to proceed as normal with your local office except the appointments will be virtual.


    @gotem952 I would try to register for 2 and see if it lets you. I had done an ATD event end of May and was not qualified and given conditions. I have met the conditions now and my MC is not doing anything, not replying emails and has not resubmitted file for qualification. I wish i had signed up for another ATD event for June or July. Now I tried to sign up for one and there is none til September and my next appointment with MC is October. So don’t be like me and definitely sign up for 2 if it lets you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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