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    I’ve read enough to know to be extra patients. And to be a polite pest. So, I’m just wondering if anyone has gotten through the entire process in a year…with keys?



    Hello jzsnow,

    Several here on the Forum have closed lately and I think most if not all have been a year or less. TABMUIR, kqthomas, momofthree, deachr519, care to chime in?

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    I started in January 2012, but took a break in the summer (I thought I would be purchasing the house I am renting) I started back up in December and I am about to close hopefully next week!!

    Ryan Y

    Yes, we started late last spring, took a break, got requalified January and are closing hopefully next week too!! Stick with it, fax fax fax, be persistent!! Buying our interest rate to 1.31%!!! You can do it!


    Awesome!! We won’t officially start until a bit later because I won’t have 12 months of on time payments until January! I thought my loans we’re deferred,but they came out of it and I missed that letter.

    What office are you all in?

    Ryan Y

    We are out of Oakland, CA. Don’t be afraid to start the process early, we had to wait 2 years due to a short sale but started four months before so we could get a head start.


    Eh….I’d rather not send in monthly statements and paychecks until I absolutely need to. I am saving my payment shock every month!


    we started the process in July 2012 and closed on our house Jan 2013- so yes, less than a year is possible if you’re on top of everything. It would have been much longer if i was not so involved.
    good luck!


    I went to my Workshop Feb. 2012 and closed Feb. 2013. Could have went faster but it took my 3 months to win a bid on a home after i was qualified….and i got a rehab home to the HAND process was a little slower for me. So yes it can easily be done in less than a year.


    Attended workshop in January 2012, first meeting in Feb, qualified in May, KEYS (closed) in September. Everyones timeline is different as the circumstances are not the same. If I had to do it over again- I definitely would, but I prefer not to. I thought I would lose it at times! If it weren’t for this forum and the great Tim, I’m not sure I would have been successful.


    We had our first appointment in July 2012, were approved by November 2012, but decided to go with a new construction that took 4 months to build and just closed TODAY!!! So, yes it is possible, it took us 8 months, half of that was the time required to build the house so it could have been done in 6 months if we would have shopped for a house already done. Good luck! One important thing, you must be on top of everything, and I mean every single step and every single person involved in the process, meaning your MC, your realtor, appraisers, inspectors, builder (in my case), attorneys, title company, insurace agent, etc.. Get yourself familiar with every one of them and what they do so you understand what to do if a problem arises, I was not able to get anyone to resolve anything for me, every time there was a bump on the road I had to get myself involved to push things moving forward, make phone calls, send emails, investigate, be PROACTIVE.


    I started in July 2012 and should be closing next month.


    Started October 2011, closed May 2012 – it was almost a full time job for me during that period.


    jzsnow –

    My advice is to upload/send in your monthly items as soon as you get them and keep in contact with your counselor regularly. You do not want to send in a bunch of paper work when it comes time to make a move on a property you like. Your area may or may not be as active as other areas or your counselor may be very efficient but my advice is to give them as much time as you can to handle your paperwork and keep you in a qualified status. Good luck


    If the HAND department stops holding us up over minor issues, we’ll go from start to finish in about a year. It is like a full time job though and I’m not sure I’d recommend the program to many people after this experience.

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