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    Can anyone provide NACA approved standard language used in P&S addendum related to the clauses.

    These would be:

    – The condition that earnest money will be deposited with the NACA approved settlement agent (Not even sure this one is even correct? normally with the depository noted by the listing broker)
    – 10 Day Option due diligence without loss of earnest money
    – Buyer to close in NACA office or with NACA Approved Settlement Agent (distance challeneged)

    Unfortunately have been able to get any help from my NACA office and no real specific detail has been provided to the NACA approved realtor?

    Thanks in advance


    Hello Upstatebuyer,

    This is something your real estate agent should be doing for you since the conditions are in reality part of the negotiations for the sale. There’s no “standard language” for it, but he or she should know what to do.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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