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    @nelsont what if you work for a huge corporation (gov) that does verifications by mail only. To call out it’s a general automatic number or we can call out online. I’m waiting on my clear to close and I think this part will be an issue.. As well why is the member service number stating they are close today?


    I don’t know. Do you have a desk phone? Or your supervisor? I do not work for the government but it is a large global company…over 10,000 employees. They answered the phone. We also use cisco phones so you can log into them from a computer and adjust the voicemail and forwarding settings from any device. I know some governments use them…ours was highly criticized for spending the money on them about 5 years ago LOL.


    @nelsont I work in a plant for the government we don’t get in touch with our supervisor everything is done thru that automatic system. If we call out it’s thru that system, fmla everything we don’t even have a hr in buildings it’s thru that number. I know when I got qualified I paid like $40 thru this system to prove I work there with my employee id number. Now my mortgage counselor has not been around since beginning of March. The manager handles my account and not really the best when it comes to communication like my MC was the whole time. I have to call 3 days just to get in touch and I’m always told I will get a call back and never do. So I kind of come here and try to read and get the best answers I can.


    I am not totally positive but, I seem to remember a few months ago a poster on this board in a similar circumstance. I would imagine, based on what I have seen here, you need to find a way to get in touch with a person.

    This process is not unique to naca or to bank of america. I have purchased 3 houses through naca, fha and conventionally through 3 different banks and they all had similar criteria. It would be extremely surprising to me that a large company especially and government included does not have the ability to verbally vouch for anybody’s employment.



    I’m in a similar situation. All our offices are closed due to the pandemic and hence cannot provide a office phone number that would be answered. However, I was able to get in touch with the HR director who is high enough in the hierarchy, to be issued an official mobile phone. He agreed to vouch for me when I’ll be asked for VVOE (I haven’t reached that stage in the process yet, but I’m just keeping my options open).

    Alternatively, I read in the Freddie Mae website that in an event that the employer cannot verify the employment verbally it is possible to obtain a verification by an email. if that is an option for you. However, this is based on what I read online and might or might not be a viable option. @ttrumble should be able to confirm or you can ask your MC if this can be done.

    Here is the source

    Look for the section which talks about VVOE exceptions.


    Update :

    My MC emailed me today saying that my file was approved and clear to close (even though I did not receive any document. My status in web-file changed accordingly) and said that the closing coordinators will be reaching out to me soon. Does this mean I’m done with all of the steps?

    I haven’t done my VVOE yet (or atleast no one asked me for one). So what can I expect in the next few days?

    My MC also emailed someone at NACA (and copied me) asking them to supply me with a closing date. So looks like the process is within NACA now.


    @ naca_user1709 that is a good news.

    It seems as you are closer to closing date it becomes more stressfull.


    Ctc is not a document. It’s at best a 1 sentence email “naca id is clear to close on this date”.

    Your closing coordinator and title company or attorney will provide next steps regarding how where and when to close how much money to bring and how to pay.

    You won’t do the vvoe unless your number is the only number you provided. Your supervisor or HR or someone at your job will do the vvoe. But the CTC isn’t issued before then so someone already verified you.


    Thanks good to know. Hoping to hear the magic words soon.


    Update :

    My web-file status updated to “Approved Clear to Close-Final” on Tuesday. The Closing coordinator from NACA emailed a bunch of people (including me) asking to confirm the closing date and the title company replied back within 5 mins confirming a date of 05/28 (which is today).

    However, no closing time or location is confirmed yet. I called the title company and they said they are waiting for NACA to issue a closing disclosure and once that is done, the title company will resend the CD with the time and location of closing.

    Based on other posts, I thought I should receive the CD before CTC-final. So, I’m not sure what’s going on. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon.

    . any insights will be appreciated.


    I don’t think you need to worry about the time frame of CD vs CTC final. My CD was uploaded after I got the CTC-final notification.

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    Thank you.

    Do you mind if ask how long did it take for the CD after the CTC-final? My only worry is that today is the closing date and I was previously scheduled for 9.00am today (title company verbally told me. did not confirm). But now looks like I will have to be rescheduled for later in the day.


    @naca_user1709 Have you been able to close? If so, when?

    I’m going through pretty much the samething. Just waiting on BOA to my file and seller is requiring we close by Monday!

    Your response would be greatly appreciated!



    Yes. We closed yesterday at 4.15pm but it was nerve wrecking and it all came down to the wire. It turns out I had to drive to the nearest NACA office for closing which was about 2hrs drive from my location. Initially I was scheduled to close at 2pm but I pushed it to 4pm (that’s the latest that they could do) and drove to the closing location even before I got the final CD. I got the final CD at 3pm and the closer got the documents from the lender at 3.45pm and so they arrived at the location at 4.15pm and we closed.

    Please let me know if I can help by providing you any more details.

    I will write a separate post with my detailed NACA journey for the sake of future home buyers

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