Message from NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks


Dear Member,

Continue with NACA and you WILL be a homeowner. If you do not currently have a scheduled appointment, make an appointment by contacting your local office or Member Services at 425-602-6222.

Please feel free to visit your local office anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We encourage walk-ins and will have a counselor see you. If you have your documents and are ready now, contact the office to get an appointment within the next few weeks, or just come on in.

From the workshop you learned that NACA provides homebuyers with the Best in America Mortgage with these incredible terms: no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, and always at a below market fixed rate without consideration of your credit score. Please bring to your counseling session the documents necessary for qualification determination including the following (click here for the check list of items):

  1. Photo ID
  2. Income verification:
    1. If you are employed – paystubs for the past 30 days with the year to date income shown on it and W2s for the last two years.
    2. If you are self-employed – last 12 months of bank statements showing all business expenses circled and deposits underlined with the total for each month and any1099s for the last two years you received.
    3. Other Income – for social security and disability – a benefit award letter and 3 months of depository history. For child support and alimony, we will need court records (child support order) and 12 months verification of receipt. Any other form of income will need supporting documents as well.
  3. Bank statements for all open accounts dated within the last 90 days with all pages.
  4. Tax returns for the last two years with all schedules and transcripts.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. All of our services are free. For more information visit us at or you may also contact Member Services at 425-602-6222.

We look forward to counseling you to homeownership with the Best Mortgage in America. Whether you are ready now or need additional assistance, make an appointment or walk-in.  I look forward to congratulating you on your new home purchase. Stay with NACA and you will be a homeowner!

Thank You,

Bruce Marks
NACA CEO and Founder


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The following are the guidelines for this Forum and all NACA social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, NACA Radio and Live Chat:

The following rules have always been posted near the top of the Forums page on the forum website at, just above the links to the five forum categories:

Welcome to the NACA Forums! Please keep in mind that this is a public forum. Any derogatory, inflammatory or questionable content will be removed by administrators. Also, please DO NOT post any personal information, such as passwords, NACA ID numbers, or Social Security numbers; NACA Staff will never require this information on the Forums.

Disregard for the rules of the Forum and abuses of the Forum and other social media in general is not tolerated. Such activity hinders the effectiveness of the NACA social media efforts as tools for asking questions, sharing information and for those who are seeking help with problems in either the Home Save or Purchase programs. To prevent such abuses, the following rules apply for this Forum and all NACA social media:

F(orum) comes before E(mail):

Maybe not in the alphabet, but here in the forum, F comes before E. In other words, please post your question in the Forum rather than circumvent the system and send an Email to an address you happen to find in the forum. The forum exists for several purposes, not the least of which is the sharing of information that may be beneficial to many of our members.

Most of the questions we receive are more generic in nature than most people think. By posting a question in the Forum first, it can be most likely answered here in the Forum unless it involves specific information in your file. By handling the question or problem here whenever possible, other members experiencing a similar problem could get the answer and help they need more quickly and without making a single additional keystroke.

If your post does require specific information, you will be advised on the best means of contact with us so any personal information can be communicated securely and confidentially.

The Forum Does Not Replace NACA Services:

The NACA Forum or other NACA social media are in no way a substitute for NACA Counseling and Advocacy services whether in the Home Save or Purchase Programs, and information found here should not be considered a replacement for communicating with a NACA counselor, Member Services rep or any other NACA representative. While much of the information here is general in nature and applicable to most situations, specific questions regarding your file cannot be addressed in this or any other public forum for privacy reasons. Additionally, every file has unique factors and issues of its own. Therefore, you should always attempt to communicate your questions and concerns with your Mortgage Consultant in the Purchase Program and with a Counselor, Member Services or other Member Assistance Program (MAP) representative. Our Member Services Department can be reached at 425-602-6222 from 8am to 6 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Keep it Civil:

Another serious issue is the tone used in some messages. We eagerly invite anyone who is having what they perceive to be any sort of problem with the NACA process or on line system to use the NACA Forum and social media channels as a means of reaching out to us with those concerns so we can help solve them in whatever way we can. However, please remember to compose your message in the same manner in which you would like to receive the response. As noted above, “derogatory, inflammatory or questionable content” has always been grounds for posts to simply be deleted without response, and will continue to be so. Deletion of any and all messages from any individual or group of people is at the sole discretion of the Forum administrators. This includes sarcasm as well as insulting and accusatory statements. While we are in fact eager to help with any problems that may occur, if you can’t write without being cynical, you may want to hold off a bit until you can be more rational in expressing your concerns.

No Personal Information:

While this one should be common sense, it is surprising how many people will post their name, NACA ID number and even their telephone number in a forum post or even on Facebook. Please remember that what you write here can be read by anyone on the internet. This is not a membership-restricted site, so please do not post any information about yourself here that you would not announce over a microphone to a crowd of twenty thousand people. Again, that personal information starts with and includes your NACA ID number. Never post it or any other personal information in a public forum, here or anywhere else on the web.

Oh, By the Way, Who Am I Talking To?

Under other circumstances, this would actually be funny. We far too commonly receive emails from members who go to substantial effort to make sure they have provided a wonderfully detailed explanation of their problem or question to insure we have all the information necessary to address their concerns… Then forget to include their NACA ID number, leaving us in the dark or doing detective work to find out which file we are dealing with.

It’s really a simple, common sense rule. NEVER post your ID in a public place, but ALWAYS include it, every time, in private communications such as an email or the Live Chat system available through our website.

One Way or Another:

While we realize you intend to be thorough by doing so, posting the same message to the Forum, our Facebook page, and emailing it to a Forum administrator is actually counter-productive. Most likely, all three messages will go to the same person, which means answering the same question for the same person three separate times. This redundancy only slows down our response time to you and everyone else we are trying to help. So please limit yourself to one method when communicating with us.

Once is Enough:

Likewise, posting the same message in multiple threads in the Forum will have the same effect as posting through several different media.

Each still has to be addressed and responded to separately, which only slows down our response time and can confuse members who may then falsely think that they have read the entire thread previously and possibly miss out on some important information that could have a bearing on their own file.

Similarly, multiple messages each day with minor or random questions bog things down too. We want to answer those questions for you, but in such a circumstance, please send them all in one daily message if possible.

By posting in this Forum, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the deletion of offending posts and the writer potentially being banned from this Forum and other NACA social media.

As you can see, these are really just common sense rules, largely based on common courtesy. Abiding by these guidelines will help the NACA staff help you in whatever means possible and encourage a positive, free flow of information through this Forum, which is its most fundamental purpose.


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NACA Honored by Promontory Financial Group

NACA founder and CEO Bruce Marks received recognition on behalf of NACA from the Promontory Financial Group after being nominated for their 2015 Empowerment Award for creating the unprecedented Detroit Neighborhood Initiative.

PFG Award

In their statement, PFG noted, “NACA’s Detroit Neighborhood Initiative expands residential mortgage lending in Detroit and assists homeowners with extensive rehabilitation work required on their properties.”


The Detroit Neighborhood Initiative is a unique mortgage lending program conducted in cooperation of the City of Detroit, the Detroit Land Bank and Bank of America. Designed to help rehabilitate and repopulate residential areas blighted as a result of the city’s economic hardships, the Detroit Neighborhood Initiative allows potential homeowners the opportunity to buy and rehabilitate homes throughout the city which have previously sat empty as a result of foreclosure, abandonment or other issues.


“If you’re determined to become a homeowner, we will make sure that happens. This product is that good, this partnership with Bank of America is that good, and this relationship with the City of Detroit is that good”, according to Mr. Marks.


The Detroit Neighborhood Initiative has created a homeownership package that is unprecedented in American history.  NACA’s groundbreaking program includes:


  • No down payment, No closing costs, No fees
  • Below market fixed rates (3.5% – 30 year / 2.875% – 15 year as of 4/23/15)
  • Everyone receives the same terms
  • An aggressive Interest Rate Buy-down Program that can reduce the interest rate to virtually zero
  • Available on all property types: new, existing, single to four family, condo
  • Credit Score never considered in mortgage process, instead the Homebuyers individual payment history is utilized
  • Underwriting done by NACA
  • Homes purchased through the Land Bank using this program are eligible for loan to value ratios of up to 150%.


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan hailed the Detroit Neighborhood Initiative by saying “Now, we’re finally going to open up mortgages to a much larger pool of Homeowners in the city.”


The Detroit Free Press in an extraordinary editorial titled “Mortgage Program is Key to Detroit’s Future” stated the significance of this program.  The editorial states “Duggan has been working for months to come up with a solution, and the program with Bank of America and NACA is the product of a good deal of ingenuity and creativity.  The mayor had no choice, though.  Nearly everything he hopes to do in Detroit hinges on the ability of average people being able to buy and finance houses in neighborhoods all over the city according to traditional lending terms.”   That is reinforced with the fact that there were only 400 mortgages all of 2014 in Detroit.  More than 20,000 people have signed up to take advantage of the Detroit Neighborhood Initiative so far.



In receiving the recognition, Mr. Marks said, “This has never been done in the history of mortgage lending” and expressed his gratitude not just for the award but for the opportunity to help rebuild one of America’s great cities.

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NACA Cleveland in the Community

Representatives from the Cleveland NACA Staff are at the Ford Health & Education Fair today. You are invited to visit our booth and learn more about NACA. The Ford Health and Education Fair is located at 799 Abbe Road, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 from 8:00am until 5:30pm today. See you there! ‪#‎Cleveland‬ ‪#‎NACAPurchase‬Cleveland Ford Education Health Fair

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In Memoriam

The NACA Family is in mourning today with the sudden passing over the weekend of our friend, colleague and brother Calvin Grier. A veteran counselor and true “road warrior”, Calvin was part of the team for literally dozens of Save the Dream and American Dream events. Calvin’s work touched the lives of thousands of homeowners during his time with us. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Calvin’s family and we share in the loss of someone who we gratefully called one of our own.

Calvin Grier

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St Louis NACA Member Testimonial


“My name is Ida McKeel, I am a proud homeowner through the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA). I would like to share my story.

I retired from my job of 36 years in May of 2009. My plan was to relocate, purchase a home, and travel. The housing market, during that time, was turned upside down. People were losing their homes; the value of many properties were turned upside down and homeowners found themselves “under water” with their mortgages. Unfortunately, it was not a good time to seek home ownership.
I moved from Los Angeles, California, to St. Louis, Missouri. This was supposed to be a short-term visit, then I was going to move on and settle in Atlanta, GA. In January of 2012, the housing market started to turn around and it became a “buyer’s” market. I found myself still here in St. Louis; I had found a nice Church home, and I decided to stay. This was when I learned about NACA. I went on their website to see who they were and to see if this was something that would benefit me.

The thing that caught my eye was the fact that I could purchase a home without paying a large down payment, no closing cost, and no escrow fees. Needless to say, that got my attention. The next meeting, in my area, was scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2012. I signed up on their website to attend the meeting and when I arrived, I saw people in these yellow shirts with the logo of a shark and red letters on the back.


At the end of the presentation, I was ready to sign up. On March 5, 2012, I went to the NACA Office and signed up to become a member; I met with the Office Manager, Mrs. Lana McClease, and a few real estate brokers (Mrs. Vernae Burrell and Ms. Nell Watts.) This group of ladies literally took me under their wings and walked me through the steps from beginning to end. Had it not been for them, I probably would not be a homeowner today.

Once I was qualified, (June 18, 2012), I began to look for a home. I don’t want to make it seem as though my journey was without challenges, because there were a few. However, if you want something bad enough, you must be willing to put in the time, effort, and labor, in order to accomplish your goal. As I always say, “The NACA program is the best thing that has come along since sliced bread!” But you have to be ready to do your “due diligence,” be “held accountable” for your participation during this journey. No one is just going to give you a home; you have to work with the NACA team if you ever want to become a homeowner. You want to become your Consultant and your Real Estate Broker’s BFF! You simply cannot do it without them.

Ida McKeel

On October 1, 2015, I will celebrate 3 years as a NACA Homeowner.

If becoming a homeowner is your dream, and you don’t want to have to come out of pocket all of the traditional expenses that are required by the banking institutions, become a member of NACA and get the process started towards owning your home as well. Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony.”

Home buyers can sign up NOW for our upcoming #NACAPurchase workshop on October 3rd at the William J. Harrison Education Center, 3140 Cass Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63106. Register by entering your Zip Code where indicated at

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Mr. Marks has been awarded the 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Veterans Braintrust Award for NACA’s community service and work preventing homelessness.

CBCF Award Letter

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NACA is conducting its final two American Dream Tour events for 2015 in California later this month.  We will be in Ontario at the Ontario Convention Center August 21-25 and Sacramento at the Sacramento Convention Center August 28 – September 1.

In spite of suggestions to the contrary, a mortgage crisis still exists in America. More than seven years after the housing bubble burst, there are nearly one million homes across the country still in some stage of the foreclosure process and seven million homes are still at risk.  NACA’s American Dream Events are the nation’s largest and most effective homeownership events.  NACA has conducted more than 150 such events across the country, resulting in more than a quarter-million homeowners receiving affordable mortgage modifications and saving their homes from foreclosure.

The government and lenders believe the crisis is over and are no longer providing needed assistance even though there is still a huge demand.  NACA continues to provide affordable modifications nationwide because the need is still there.  “We do not take no for an answer and encourage the homeowners to join NACA in advocating for affordable solutions”, states NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks.

NACA’s American Dream Tour event gives homeowners the unique opportunity to meet face to face with their lender along with a NACA advocate to obtain an affordable solution the same day, thanks to the legally binding agreements NACA has with all the major lenders, plus investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many homeowners have their interest rate reduced to as low as 2% and possibly receive a principal reduction, saving hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand dollars a month on their mortgage payment.

These will be NACA’s only events in  California during 2015, so it is crucial that everyone in the area take advantage of this opportunity… ALL NACA SERVICES ARE FREE OF CHARGE

Homeowners with Bank of America loans can still potentially benefit from last year’s $17 Billion mortgage settlement with the Justice Department. Homeowners with loans from any major lender can also benefit from the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement as well as other settlements. Since all of NACA’s services are free, homeowners have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

NACA’s Purchase Program will also be highlighted at the event, including the game-changing 15-year Freedom Loan introduced last September. This historic mortgage program allows homeowners to build personal wealth rapidly through a shorter term loan that starts with a lower interest rate than a standard 30-year mortgage, plus features an aggressive interest rate buy down feature that allows the interest rate to be lowered to virtually zero.

Just as with NACA’s 30-year mortgage, home buyers who qualify at the event for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage do so with no down payment, no closing costs, no points or fees. Everyone receives a below market interest rate without consideration of their credit score, but based on their individual circumstances. Homeowners and homebuyers can again realize the dream of affordable homeownership. For documents needed and to register, go to or call 425-602-6222.  Register now!

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Here is an email from a homeowner helped at our ‪#‎AmericanDream‬ Tour event in Miami Beach. It speaks for itself:

MIAMI 2015 2
From: s******* <s*******>
Date: Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 8:53 AM

Subject: RE: Preserving the American Dream
To: a****@a***********.com

Dear Mr. Williams,

I attended the NACA Home Save event On Friday, July 24th. Wells Fargo is my Mortgage Lender. I provided the documents required from NACA (listed in your email), and met with a Wells Fargo Representative after NACA reviewed and recommended me for a modification to Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo modified my mortgage and forgave me $45,000.00 off the principal.

My mortgage payment was lowered by $170.00 a month and my interest rate is fixed @4.25%. With this blessing I can now stay in my home!

NO ONE with any type of mortgage issue should miss this Home Save event. It is real and I know firsthand that the system is working to give help to homeowners that are in need of help. If you do not have all of your documents go with what you have so that you can be entered in the system and when a rep from NACA reviews your documents you will be told what additional documents are needed to get you the modification. YOUR HOME CAN BE SAVED!

The hours are 9am – 6pm. The NACA convention is here until this Tuesday, July 28th.

Abundant Blessings!

R*** B****

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Required Documents for NACA Home Save Program


Section 1- Required Documents for All Borrowers, Co-Borrowers and Household Contributors

Personal Identification (picture ID or current driver’s license)
Most recent two (2) years Tax Returns- Signed and dated.  This includes personal and business tax returns if self-employed.
Most recent three (3) Months Bank Statements for all Accounts- All pages even if blank
Current Utility Bill showing proof of occupancy
Mortgage Statement- Most recent available
Homeowner Association (HOA/Condo/Coop) Fee Statement or if n/a, write a letter stating that you do not have a HOA
Insurance Declaration Page showing yearly premium & coverage on the home, flood insurance statement (if applicable) and proof of any other required insurance for the home.  (Most Condo/Coop insurance is covered by the HOA/Maintenance Fee.)
Property Tax Statement(s) for city/county, if applicable, showing amount due each year (included in Maintenance Fee for Co-ops)

Section 2 – Required Documentation Based on Income Type

Paystubs Last 30 days Paystubs showing YTD earnings
Contribution Non-Borrower Contribution and Authorization Form- to be completed by all Contributors.  Contributors must also provide proof of income, complete form 4506T AND provide the applicable items from Section 1 above.  Borrower must provide two (2) months current bank statements showing contribution income is being deposited.
Rental Current Lease agreement and 2 months current bank statements showing rental income is being deposited.
Self-Employed Most recent  6-month or YTD Profit & Loss Statement; and last 6 months bank statements with business deposits and business expenses identified and categorized, most recent Federal Income Tax Return (form 1040 with all schedules attached, and Business Tax Return:  form 1065, 1120-S or 1120, whichever is applicable.)
Social Security Most recent year’s benefits award letter, last 2 months bank statements (showing money is being direct deposited) or copy of last 2 months cancelled checks if money is not direct deposited
Pension Most recent  year’s benefits award letter, last 2 months bank statements (showing money is being direct deposited) or copy of last 2 months cancelled checks if money is not direct deposited
Child Support Court document or divorce decree showing required payment amount, last 2 months bank statements or cancelled checks proving receipt of income.  Use of child support income is optional.  If included, borrowers must provide the required documentation.
Alimony Court document showing required payment amount, last 2 months bank statements or copy of last 2 months cancelled checks if money is not being deposited
Disability Most recent year’s benefits award letter, last 2 months bank statements or copy of 2 months of cancelled checks if money is not being deposited
Unemployment Current award letter or unemployment statement showing amount of benefits and how long benefits will last
Retirement Award letter with monthly amount and last 2 months bank statements or copy of last 2 months cancelled checks

Section 3 – Other Documents- may be needed depending upon individual circumstance

Notice of Sale Date or Intent to Foreclosure
Bankruptcy – Attorney Permission Letter required when in active Chapter 13, addressed to Mortgage Company (not NACA).  Letter must include:  borrower’s name, property address, loan number, BK case #, and must state that Mortgage Company has permission to work directly with you on modifying the mortgage.  Borrower must provide Discharge Letter if bankruptcy has been discharged.
Death Certificate – May be needed if one of original borrowers is deceased
Executor of Estate – May be needed if original mortgager is deceased
Quit Claim Deed – Needed when one borrower no longer resides in the property and has given up their interest in the property.
Proof of name change if different from name on loan.
Divorce Decree or other documents relation to dissolution of marriage
Authorization to Escrow (required in some states, especially CA)
Lien releases or subordination agreement – needed if liens show on the title report (2nd mortgage, IRS lien, judgments from creditors.

Section 4 – Documents to be completed as part of your Counseling Session

Form 4506T, signed and dated
Form 710 for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-owned loans, RMA for all Other Loan types, Hardship Affidavit for FHA loans
Dodd-Frank Certification
Authorization Form with property address, city, state and zip written on each page.  Borrower must also initial each page.
Hardship Explanation and Affidavit
NACA Budget
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