2013 American Dream Tour Schedule

The first tour dates for NACA’s 2013 American Dream Tour have been announced:

WASHINGTON DC – Feb 14-18 – DC Armory
MIAMI – Mar 8-12 – James L Knight Conv Ctr
ORLANDO – Mar 14-18 – Orange County Conv Ctr
LOS ANGELES – Apr 4-8 – Los Angeles Conv Ctr
OAKLAND – Apr 11-15 – TBA
ONTARIO – Apr 18-22 – Ontario Convention Center
SACRAMENTO – Apr 24-29 – Sacramento Conv Center

Again this year, all events will include both the Home Save and Purchase Programs. Details and registration are avialable at www.naca.com

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Locked Out of Your Online File?

We have received numerous reports lately of members being locked out of their NACA online files, which was an unexpected result of a recent system security upgrade.

If you are unable to access your NACA file online, please either call NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222 or email them at memberservice@naca.com from the email address we have in your NACA file. You will be issued a temporary password which will unlock your file and allow you to reset your permanent password.

Please also note that logging in has changed a bit. Now, when you enter your ID number, clicking on the “continue” button will then take you to a separate page to enter your password.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

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Ocwen is one of the largest mortgage servicers in the United States, and is funded by American taxpayers to make mortgage modification and foreclosure decisions on the loans of American homeowners at risk of losing their homes. However, the appalling fact is those decisions are not made by Americans familiar with the plight of American homeowners at-risk of losing their homes, but by workers located half a world away in India.

Ocwen is now positioned to become the 5th largest servicer of home loans in the United States by acquiring Residential Capital’s (ResCap) and mortgage giant GMAC’s mortgage servicing and origination platforms, owned by taxpayers after it received a series of taxpayer bailouts. While having its executive headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, Ocwen uses India as its primary location for operations, including mortgage servicing and more critically, mortgage modification decisions.

Ocwen’s business model is to use taxpayer funds to hire low-wage workers in India to determine whether to modify or foreclose on American homeowners. Not surprisingly, American homeowners say they’re frustrated whenever they call Ocwen for assistance. Bruce Marks, Founder & CEO of NACA, blasted Ocwen’s business model.

Marks noted, “On the heels of a national election where the outsourcing of jobs by American companies was criticized by both parties for keeping the unemployment rate high, here we have a corporation who wants to buy taxpayer owned mortgages and then use taxpayer funds to create jobs overseas servicing those same mortgages.”

“This is about greed,” said Marks, “It is an outrage that taxpayer funds from the government’s modification program, known as HAMP, are allowed to be used to hire low wage workers in India when there are so many out of work Americans who are better qualified to do this work. No overseas worker can understand and decision a loan for an American who is about to lose their home and possibly much more.”

NACA is asking the federal government stop payments to any company which services or underwrites mortgages for American homeowners overseas and receives taxpayer funds. In addition, multi-billion dollar investor Wilbur Ross will become a major stockholder in Ocwen and Warren Buffet, who is also posed to purchase some of the underlying assets and whose name has been mentioned by President Obama as a potential candidate to become the next Secretary of the Treasury, both need to act to stop this abuse.

NACA and many homeowners will pack a New York City courtroom court hearing on Ocwen’s acquisition of ResCap on Monday to testify and bring attention to the use of taxpayer monies in funding jobs overseas. The hearing will be held Monday November 19, 2012 @ 10 A.M. at the Federal Bankruptcy Court, One Bowling Green, New York City, N.Y.

Homeowners with Ocwen, ResCap or GMAC mortgages, or anyone opposed to this use of taxpayer dollars to send more jobs out of the United States, are welcome to join in this mission to save not only American homes, but American jobs as well. If you are not able to attend the court hearing with the NACA group, please contact your representatives in Congress and insist that your tax dollars not be used to outsource jobs overseas, especially while our unemployment rate still hovers near 8%, and point out that it should be Americans making such critical decisions about the future of American homeowners.

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Office Closings

As of this morning, the only office we know to be closed is Cleveland, OH. The office is currently without power and plans to reopen as soon as electricity is restored.

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Hurricane Office Closings – Update

Storm update:

As of this moment, we have confirmed that the following NACA offices are closed today as a result of Hurricane Sandy:

Baltimore MD
Cleveland OH
Newark NJ
Philadelphia PA
Washington DC

We will continue to provide updates as information reaches us.

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Offices Closed by Hurricane Sandy

The following NACA offices are closed today as a result of the approaching hurricane:

Baltimore, MD
Lawrence, MA
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Washington DC (added late morning)

We anticipate additional office closings over the next couple of days as the “superstorm” rages through the Northeast and we will continue to update you here as we receive information. Our thoughts and prayers will be with our NACA colleagues and members the next few days as they ride out this historic weather event!

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Comcast Subscriber? Please Give NACA an Alternate E-mail Address!

As every NACA member knows, e-mail is by far the most commonly used means for NACA and its members to communicate with each other.  It is the primary means for communicating with NACA staff members in both the Home Save and Purchase Programs, plus our way of sending special notices and alerts to all our members.

However, if your email address is supplied by Comcast, you may be missing vital information regarding your efforts to purchase a home or save your present home.

Comcast’s e-mail system is set up in such a manner that the large volume of mail coming from NACA to Comcast subscribers, especially on the West Coast, automatically (and falsely) triggers a spam alert in their system, which in turn causes their system to block all messages coming from naca.com.  Every few weeks, we discover that members are not receiving information we send them and only then do we learn that Comcast has once again blocked NACA e-mails.

Our IT department contacts Comcast each time this occurs with a request to un-block our communication, but a few weeks later it happens all over again.  Comcast has not advised us of any way in which they can resolve this problem, even though they are the only e-mail provider in the country with which we experience this problem.  We have no problems whatsoever with AOL, RoadRunner, AT&T, G-mail, Yahoo, MSN or any other provider, only Comcast.

Therefore, if your e-mail has a Comcast address, please call our Member Services department at 888-404-6222, option 4 and provide the representative with an alternative e-mail address so we can insure that important information reaches you in a timely fashion.  Please note that for security purposes, we cannot accept e-mail changes by any other method.  We must verify your identity before we make changes to any part of your basic contact information.

If you do not presently have an alternative e-mail address, free e-mail accounts are available through several providers such as Yahoo, MSN and G-mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but after several months of seeking a solution through Comcast, none has been forthcoming and we ask that Comcast subscribers please help insure that we are able to maintain an open line of communication with each of our members.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

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NACA Radio

Did you know that NACA has is very own weekly radio program? Join us each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time/10:00 a.m. Pacific Time for “NACA Radio” on www.LATalkRadio.com channel two.

Each week, the program looks at the latest news and developments in our nation’s continuing mortgage crisis, discusses NACA’s ongoing advocacy efforts for the American homeowner, recent American Dream Tour events and upcoming tour schedule, and features weekly live commentary from NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks.

Debuting in March of 2011, NACA Radio is co-hosted by Ethan Dettenmaier, who is host of LA Talk Radio’s “Combat Radio” program as well as a NACA member, and Tim Trumble, a highly experienced NACA Counselor, thirty-year radio veteran and present member of NACA’s Online Operations team.

They are frequently joined by NACA Director of Communications and Public Affairs Darren Duarte. A two time Emmy Award winning journalist, Darren’s experience as a Congressional aide and later a reporter in Washington DC gives him a unique insight into the political side of the mortgage crisis.

Bruce Marks’ weekly live commentary is always informative and is often the first announcement of NACA’s latest advocacy efforts and advances in both the Home Save and Purchase Programs. You never know where Mr. Marks’ reports will be coming from, although it’s almost never from his Boston office. Whether checking in from an American Dream Event, calling from Washington between meetings with Congressional leaders or just before a protest in front of the home of a predatory lender’s CEO, you will get a weekly update direct from the man who started it all 24 years ago.

Ethan and Tim also have frequent guests, including NACA members who have received modifications at American Dream Events, staff members from NACA’s various departments, and have even been known to have a celebrity show up in the studio on occasion to support NACA’s efforts!

NACA Radio is informative, intense and insightful, and it’s never the same two weeks in a row. For those who are unable to tune in live, the program can also be downloaded as a podcast from www.LATalkRadio.com and from iTunes. Join us this week and every Wednesday for NACA Radio and stay on top of NACA’s latest efforts on behalf of the American Homeowner.

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Please do not bypass posting on this Forum…

Hello Members and Forum Visitors,

As many of you are aware, we created a new version of the NACA Forum roughly two months ago after experiencing significant problems with the old version during a system upgrade. Since that time, a phenomenon has occurred that I have to ask our Forum members and visitors to please stop doing.

The previous version of the Forum included the ability to send personal messages and e-mails to other members, a feature which the new version does not have. As a result, I have included my e-mail address in my Forum signature so members will be able to reach me directly when I have advised them to do so. However, several people, especially new visitors to the Forum, have bypassed the Forum completely and e-mailed me directly instead of posting their questions or concerns here on the Forum.

Please understand that this practice defeats one of the key purposes of the Forum, to help NACA members share their experiences and learn from each other. As unusual as your concerns may seem, it is very probable that other NACA members are experiencing something very similar to you. Many of your questions are in fact far more generic than you may think. By sharing the information through the Forum, we are able to help educate everyone who comes to the Forum either as a member or visitor, making it possible to maximize the effectiveness of the advice and direction we give our members.

While most of the e-mails I have received have started out with very kind comments like, “I saw your e-mail address in the forum, and you seem so helpful…”, YOU can be of great help by not bypassing this Forum and allowing us to help as many members as possible through this medium.

Please remember to NEVER post any personal information in the Forum, including your NACA ID number. Should your question require a review of your file for specific information, you will be asked to e-mail your name and ID number at that point in time. We also keep a database of our Forum members, so once we have that information, we will have it available for future reference if needed.

Once a direct e-mail correspondence has started, we will continue to communicate that way to protect your personal information and details of your file.

I’m sure everyone is aware just how massive the demand is for NACA’s services in both our Purchase and Home Save programs. By making use of this Forum to share questions and experiences we can help the most people possible whether they are attempting to save their home or become new homeowners.


Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

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Another Predator Stopped –

Courthouse News service reports reports that a judge has ruled “First One Lending and its president must stop claiming an affiliation” to NACA. One more predator stopped! STORY

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