With the beginning of the new year also comes the beginning of tax preparation season. As of this writing, there are no plans for an extension of time for the public as a whole to file their 2020 income tax returns. So this year, we can anticipate things returning to their normal schedule.

The following is information about key dates and how they affect your NACA file:

First, your 2021 NACA Membership Dues are due and payable NOW. Dues are based on the calendar year for all NACA Members, regardless of what time of year you had your initial appointment and paid your first dues. The $25 fee covers your entire household for the entire 2021 calendar year. Please log into your NACA file online to pay your dues now as your file cannot progress until this has been done.

W2’s and 1099’s must be submitted to your NACA file no later than February 1st. By law, employers are required to have these in your hands by January 31st, and you should immediately submit them to your NACA file.

2020 Tax returns must be submitted to your NACA file no later than April 16th. As of this writing there is no mass extension of the tax filing deadline for 2021 as there was for 2020. Therefore the traditional April 15th filing deadline is in effect for this year. This means your 2020 tax return should be in your file no later than April 16th. Failure to comply will mean your file cannot move forward until the completed return has been submitted to your file.

By the way, that means ALL pages of your tax return. All attached schedules, forms, etc. that you filed with your return must be submitted to your NACA file as well.

If you file electronically, you will need to print out a hard copy of the return and sign it with your physical signature (aka “wet” signature) and submit that to your file.

Members who file a Form 4868 (Automatic Extension of Filing Deadline) will not be allowed to progress until their income tax return has been filed with the IRS and the return submitted to their file. The extension does not grant a waiver where your NACA file is concerned.

Members who owe taxes this year must have that tax debt paid in full before their file may continue to move forward without exception.

In short, it’s back to normal this year after least year’s confusion. Submit your W2 or 1099 as soon as you receive it, file on time and submit the signed return to your file ASAP (but by April 16 for certain), and have any taxes owed this year paid in full.

If you have any questions, please contact your counselor or NACA Member Services by phone at 425-602-6222 or through the Live Chat feature on the NACA website.

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

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