Here is a quick update on how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting NACA operations and how you can continue to move forward toward your American Dream of homeownership during this time.

While nearly all NACA offices are open and running at this point in time, they remain closed to the public during the pandemic to protect the health and safety of our members and staff. 

All counseling appointments are being conducted as scheduled, but continue to be done online as a videoconference through the GoToMeting app.  Members will be advised by email a few days before the appointment on how to access the appointment online.

Many of our staff members are working from home.  This does make communications with them somewhat more difficult as they are not at their office desk and therefore cannot answer their office phone.  Therefore, please communicate with your counselor by email whenever possible, unless specifically instructed by your counselor otherwise.

Likewise, please do not email your counselor more than once per day with a specific topic or question.  Doing so only serves to further clog up an already full mailbox and will likely result in only delaying the response you are seeking.

We have developed new techniques for helping you get through the process as completely and efficiently as possible during the remainder of the pandemic.  One example is the ability for our members to now sign their bank application electronically, saving one more trip and helping to maintain social distancing.

While closings still require an in-person meeting, our offices and partnering title firms and closing attorneys have devised some effective and sometimes very creative ways to conduct the closing while maintaining the safety of all concerned.

While some cities, counties and states are starting to announce plans to begin phased reopenings of their economies, there are no dates set as of yet for any NACA offices to reopen to the public. Likewise, there are no dates yet for the return of our Achieve the Dream events, though it is clear it will be August at the very earliest , if that soon, before it will potentially be safe for our staff to get back on the road.

In lieu of the live ATD events we are developing the idea of a series of virtual ATD event in the weeks ahead. We hope to combine the best elements of the live events with the advances we have made in virtual workshops and video-conferenced counseling sessions to conduct large-scale pre-approval events.  We will provide more information as we develop the concept and begin to make plans.

With many NACA staff members presently working from home, many local office phones are automatically rolling over to NACA Member Services. This is creating a very large backlog on the Member Services lines, resulting in abnormally long wait times.  Please remember as noted above to contact your counselor via email wherever possible. This will reduce the number of unnecessary calls rolling over to Member Services, thus reducing their backlog and enabling them to better assist all of our members.

Like so many of you, we are more than ready for our lives to return to something close to normal but understand that we must continue to practice social distancing and other safety procedures to ensure that we beat the COVID-19 virus for everyone’s sake.  In the meantime, we must all find an extra measure of patience and tolerance, understanding that this crisis affects us all, whether or not we come into direct contact with the virus.  Be assured that NACA is continuing to work every day, continuing to fight for economic justice and helping you reach your American Dream of affordable homeownership.

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