Some 5,000 from Southern California and Beyond visited NACA’s recent Achieve the Dream event in Los Angeles at the Westin Bonaventure hotel. NACA’s counselors and underwriters worked well into the night every night to accommodate the huge number of people in attendance to qualify as many people as possible for NACA’s Best in America mortgage.

NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks talks to a workshop filled with nearly 500 future homeowners in Los Angeles. The workshop is the first step in the four-step qualification process at the NACA Achieve the Dream event, and teaches newcomers about NACA’s history, it’s mission and the process used to qualify buyers for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.

NACA Regional Director Shawn Cunningham conducts the workshop, during which future homeowners receive their NACA ID numbers and receive details on how the NACA process works.

NACA counselors work one-on-one with those attending the Achieve the Dream events, completing a budget and general financial analysis to ensure that the buyer gets a genuinely affordable mortgage with no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI, a below market fixed rate and without using the buyer’s credit score.

Lines began to form as early as 5:30 am each day of the Achieve the Dream event in Los Angeles, filled with eager homebuyers, many of whom would not be able to get an affordable mortgage loan anywhere else.

By TTrumble

Online Operations Team and Forum Administrator for NACA. Based in the NACA National Counseling Center in Charlotte, NC.

6 thoughts on “Los Angeles Achieve the Dream Event”
  1. Would like to see what i need to do to per qualify for a home or work towards getting qualified to purchase a single family home in the Southern California area

    1. Hola tito rodriguez meza,

      Desafortunadamente, NACA no refinancia hipotecas. Comuníquese directamente con un banco o cooperativa de crédito para refinanciar su hipoteca.

  2. Hello there, I attended a homebuyer workshop already and am really trying to attend an achieve the dream event. Are they still taking place?

    1. Hello Lola,

      The Achieve the Dreams Events are indefinitely on hold for right now. But please contact our National Queue at 425-602-6222 select option 2 to request an appointment with a counselor.

      Veneka Quick
      Online Operations, NACA

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