We received the following letter in our Boston headquarters recently from a Cleveland area NACA Member:


Mr. Bruce Marks and Ms. Frances Epps
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

225 Centre Street
Ste 100
Boston, MA 02119


March 10, 2016


Dear Ms. Epps and Mr. Marks:


Peace to you and may this message find you well. This letter is long overdue, but the sentiments are still fresh and true. My name is Waltrina Middleton and I have become a recent homeowner as a client of NACA’s Cleveland office with Ms. Candice Wood as my adviser. I participated in the program for a little more than one year inclusive of qualification and purchase process.


Throughout the one year; I was a full-time doctoral student and employee and my family experienced tremendous tragedy with the loss of a family member who died tragically. There were many days that I felt overwhelmed and was close to giving up on the process which is quite tedious in its particularities. However, by God’s grace and support of your Cleveland team; I proudly finalized the purchase of my home in late January.


I write most especially to lift up Ms. Candice Wood. I have never in my life experienced someone who cares as passionately about her clients as she demonstrated toward me. With all of the things happening in my life personally; she worked with me, encouraged me and guided me every step of the way with patience and care. I have more than 10 years of service industry experience and Ms. Wood is exemplary in every pillar of professional excellence one would hope for its organization.


Additionally, I was met with the same level of professional care by the office management and reception team: Ms. Delores Wilson and Ms. Stacey Gousman, both very dedicated and energetic team members. I have never called or visited the office and had an interaction with them that was not positive. I enjoy watching them engage with other clients at community forums or when I am visiting the office. They are always wearing smiles and will go above and beyond to find an answer to help someone. They were also great encouragers throughout the process.


Furthermore, Ms. Sheila Wilson and Mr. Wade Hampton, among others, were exceptional in their support as well. I deeply respect the camaraderie of the team and their support of each other. If I ever needed support and Ms. Wood was not immediately available; Ms. Wilson and Mr. Hampton were resourceful, responsive and treated me with the same dedication as Ms. Wood. Collectively, they truly are a dream team. It is clear to me that they respect one another as colleagues and as a client; I benefited.


When I have attended community outreach forums; I also experience the dedication and passion of this dynamic team. Every person is greeted with a sincere welcome and the team is very approachable when folks line up with questions and in need of one-on-one consultation at an outreach. This team never fails in amazing me and ultimately, they inspired me to not give up on my dream to be a homeowner.


Ms. Wood and the entire Cleveland NACA team are deserving of recognition for all they do. Personally, Ms. Wood is someone I will always give God thanks for. The time and investment she made in supporting me every step of the way is still unbelievable. I know for a fact that I would not receive the level of care, sincerity and late hours anywhere else. I will never take that for granted. I pray that if there is some way to recognize her, you will highly consider it as she is most deserving. Any future homeowner that enters those doors and are assigned to work with Ms. Wood or any member of your Cleveland team will be more than blessed if they remain faithful to their goals and trust the process and its leadership.


Lastly, I wish to thank each of you and every member of the NACA greater community for all you do in ways unbeknownst to us to help sustain an organization that is faithfully committed to justice, fairness and equal opportunities for all. Just imagine that! Thank you all from the depths of my heart! I will continue to give God glory and praise for each of you.


Bless your witness and works for, in and with our communities nationwide.


With gratitude and joy!


Waltrina Middleton

Cleveland, OH


Congratulations to Candice wood and our Cleveland team for exemplifying the heart of (and the heart that goes into) NACA’s mission.


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