NACA Homeowner Review

We have received the following review from Ms. Lewis, a new homeowner in the Los Angeles area:

All I can say is Thank you NACA!!

I just closed escrow on a 4 unit building in San Fernando valley and I am so grateful!

I’d heard all the nay sayers and it just goes to show that if you go through the process it will work!!

My credit isn’t perfect and I have student loans up the yin yang, but! IT WORKS!

Can it take time? Sure, depending on you, your circumstance and preparedness. I met a lady who got through the process in a fraction of the time I did but my circumstance was different and that’s ok!

In the end I have a new building to live in and provide a home for others for no money down, no closing costs with a 30 year fixed 3.246% interest and no PMI!!


Everyone in the LA office is so kind and really helpful. I love how they work together to help get things done!

My counselor is Shari Mims and she is a real live Angel! She worked so hard and really advocated for me to get my through the process. She changed my life!

I was so nervous going into escrow, but my escrow was a smooth 55 days and now I’m on to the repairs.

So I’m sure you can tell by all of the above that if you’re looking to own a new home I highly recommend this program!!

(Truth be told, I signed up 8 years ago. I got jaded and didn’t follow through. If only I’d known then what I know now)


: )

Quene L

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