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The following rules have always been posted near the top of the Forums page on the forum website at, just above the links to the five forum categories:

Welcome to the NACA Forums! Please keep in mind that this is a public forum. Any derogatory, inflammatory or questionable content will be removed by administrators. Also, please DO NOT post any personal information, such as passwords, NACA ID numbers, or Social Security numbers; NACA Staff will never require this information on the Forums.

Disregard for the rules of the Forum and abuses of the Forum and other social media in general is not tolerated. Such activity hinders the effectiveness of the NACA social media efforts as tools for asking questions, sharing information and for those who are seeking help with problems in either the Home Save or Purchase programs. To prevent such abuses, the following rules apply for this Forum and all NACA social media:

F(orum) comes before E(mail):

Maybe not in the alphabet, but here in the forum, F comes before E. In other words, please post your question in the Forum rather than circumvent the system and send an Email to an address you happen to find in the forum. The forum exists for several purposes, not the least of which is the sharing of information that may be beneficial to many of our members.

Most of the questions we receive are more generic in nature than most people think. By posting a question in the Forum first, it can be most likely answered here in the Forum unless it involves specific information in your file. By handling the question or problem here whenever possible, other members experiencing a similar problem could get the answer and help they need more quickly and without making a single additional keystroke.

If your post does require specific information, you will be advised on the best means of contact with us so any personal information can be communicated securely and confidentially.

The Forum Does Not Replace NACA Services:

The NACA Forum or other NACA social media are in no way a substitute for NACA Counseling and Advocacy services whether in the Home Save or Purchase Programs, and information found here should not be considered a replacement for communicating with a NACA counselor, Member Services rep or any other NACA representative. While much of the information here is general in nature and applicable to most situations, specific questions regarding your file cannot be addressed in this or any other public forum for privacy reasons. Additionally, every file has unique factors and issues of its own. Therefore, you should always attempt to communicate your questions and concerns with your Mortgage Consultant in the Purchase Program and with a Counselor, Member Services or other Member Assistance Program (MAP) representative. Our Member Services Department can be reached at 425-602-6222 from 8am to 6 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Keep it Civil:

Another serious issue is the tone used in some messages. We eagerly invite anyone who is having what they perceive to be any sort of problem with the NACA process or on line system to use the NACA Forum and social media channels as a means of reaching out to us with those concerns so we can help solve them in whatever way we can. However, please remember to compose your message in the same manner in which you would like to receive the response. As noted above, “derogatory, inflammatory or questionable content” has always been grounds for posts to simply be deleted without response, and will continue to be so. Deletion of any and all messages from any individual or group of people is at the sole discretion of the Forum administrators. This includes sarcasm as well as insulting and accusatory statements. While we are in fact eager to help with any problems that may occur, if you can’t write without being cynical, you may want to hold off a bit until you can be more rational in expressing your concerns.

No Personal Information:

While this one should be common sense, it is surprising how many people will post their name, NACA ID number and even their telephone number in a forum post or even on Facebook. Please remember that what you write here can be read by anyone on the internet. This is not a membership-restricted site, so please do not post any information about yourself here that you would not announce over a microphone to a crowd of twenty thousand people. Again, that personal information starts with and includes your NACA ID number. Never post it or any other personal information in a public forum, here or anywhere else on the web.

Oh, By the Way, Who Am I Talking To?

Under other circumstances, this would actually be funny. We far too commonly receive emails from members who go to substantial effort to make sure they have provided a wonderfully detailed explanation of their problem or question to insure we have all the information necessary to address their concerns… Then forget to include their NACA ID number, leaving us in the dark or doing detective work to find out which file we are dealing with.

It’s really a simple, common sense rule. NEVER post your ID in a public place, but ALWAYS include it, every time, in private communications such as an email or the Live Chat system available through our website.

One Way or Another:

While we realize you intend to be thorough by doing so, posting the same message to the Forum, our Facebook page, and emailing it to a Forum administrator is actually counter-productive. Most likely, all three messages will go to the same person, which means answering the same question for the same person three separate times. This redundancy only slows down our response time to you and everyone else we are trying to help. So please limit yourself to one method when communicating with us.

Once is Enough:

Likewise, posting the same message in multiple threads in the Forum will have the same effect as posting through several different media.

Each still has to be addressed and responded to separately, which only slows down our response time and can confuse members who may then falsely think that they have read the entire thread previously and possibly miss out on some important information that could have a bearing on their own file.

Similarly, multiple messages each day with minor or random questions bog things down too. We want to answer those questions for you, but in such a circumstance, please send them all in one daily message if possible.

By posting in this Forum, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the deletion of offending posts and the writer potentially being banned from this Forum and other NACA social media.

As you can see, these are really just common sense rules, largely based on common courtesy. Abiding by these guidelines will help the NACA staff help you in whatever means possible and encourage a positive, free flow of information through this Forum, which is its most fundamental purpose.


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  1. tukytuky
    Posted November 11, 2015 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    When we were in counseling, we were given a max monthly mortgage we would get approved for by underwriting based on our income, liabilities, savings etc… When we got to the purchase workshop the qualification letter said a completely different amount. A significant difference than what we spoke of with our counselor (about $1k/month difference). This seems excessive. I’m was able to inform our counselor of this and she said she’d look into it but we have not heard back and it’s almost been a week. I rechecked our numbers again and nothing appears out of order for us to have been approved for so much less than expected. I also reached out to our MC but explained that our counselor was advocating on our behalf with the underwriters. We’ve started the home search since we’ve technically been qualified, however, not too confidently since the numbers are so different. I’m not sure what’s going on or why there was such a vast difference in our mortgage numbers.

    • Posted November 12, 2015 at 9:30 am | Permalink

      Hello tukytuky,

      The reason you were qualified for a lower amount than requested should be noted in your file by the underwriter who gave the approval. Your counselor/MC should be able to explain it for you fairly easily so you can address the situation and hopefully get the qualification amount revised.

      This is literally just a guess, but a difference as large as the one you describe suggests that a source of income in the household was not eligible for inclusion for some reason such as lack of adequate verification or length of time on the job.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

      • tukytuky
        Posted November 17, 2015 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

        I was told it had to do with how our rent checks are written out ‘ cash’ and they need verification that they are indeed going to the landlord (in this case my parents.) Going forward we’re writing them out in their names. Either way the monthly gross and monthly liabilities don’t match the mortgage we’re approved for. I’m just really confused and we’ve already missed out on the opportunity to submit an offer on homes we were interested in because the qualification letter is incorrect and we are unable to reach our MC or counselor.

        • Posted November 18, 2015 at 10:59 am | Permalink

          Hello tukytuky,

          The problem being related to rent checks being made out to “cash” does indeed create an issue with verification, not to mention that it is incredibly dangerous since there is no way to prove that the rent was paid at all and an unscrupulous landlord could simply claim you never paid the rent. It’s actually surprising that you received a qualification at all. You only option is to continue to work with your counselor and follow his or her instructions to do whatever is necessary to reach the qualification amount you are seeking.

          Tim Trumble
          Online Operations, NACA

          • tukytuky
            Posted November 20, 2015 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

            Hi Tim!

            Thanks for your response. I agree, why we got approved at all if that was indeed a condition. I would have expected to hear back that the UW would require another 6 months of rent checks that are correctly written out, hence, why we feel we’re stuck in limbo.

            Anywho, does this mean that we continue to communicate with our housing counselor OR our mortgage counselor? (We’ve tried to contact both but not having much luck). We just need clarification on our next steps and when we could send it back to UW.

            Thanks so much Tim!

          • Posted November 21, 2015 at 8:55 am | Permalink

            Hello tukytuky,

            Since you were qualified, albeit for a lower amount, your point of contact is your mortgage cousnelor. He or she can work with you on exactly what is needed for the higher qualification.

            Tim Trumble
            Online Operations, NACA

  2. reachelle
    Posted November 27, 2015 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    hello i have been excited about the naca process my boyfriend is buying a house and his meeting is not untill 1/6/2016 he aleady has half of the paperwork completed, but he cosigned on a car for me and i pay the car note is he still faulted for that? also he makes about 24,000 a year and he pays 800 dollars in rent right now located in georgia and the only liabilites he has is his car note, stuent loans but they are 0 dollars a month based on his income? and my car note which i pay so would he be able to be qualified?

    • Posted November 30, 2015 at 11:01 am | Permalink

      Hello reachelle,

      I think your real question here is not if he would qualify, but how much he would qualify for and would his co-signing your loan have an affect on it. In reality this is the purpose of the counseling appointment, to make at least initial determinations regarding requirements for qualification and affordability. Co-signing the note may affect his affordability depending on several other factors, but only his counselor will be able to determine what change if any it will have.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  3. Texas Teacher
    Posted December 2, 2015 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    Good morning,
    I have read on other websites that if your credit is bad, the NACA process can take up to a year. Is there a timelime on the website about the process? I have signed up for the initial session in San Antonio on Saturday, but wanted to get more information before making that 2 hour drive. I am a teacher and went through some credit problems this summer because of my daughter getting sick, so my credit score went from a 619 to a 512. During the process, will I be approved based on my year of online payments or what my credit is at the end of the one year NACA process?

    • Posted December 2, 2015 at 10:15 am | Permalink

      Hello TexasTeacher,

      There is a huge amount of mis-information out there about NACA and our programs, so unless the information actually comes from NACA, you can’t count on its reliability.

      There is no timeline for the NACA process. As you will learn in the workshop, there are ten steps to becoming a homeowner through NACA, but there is no specific time frame associated with those ten steps. The program is based on your individual circumstances and what actions you need to take to complete the ten steps and become fully prepared for affordable and responsible home ownership. Some people get through the program in three months. Others who have major obstacles to overcome have taken two to three years to complete the process. If there is an “average”, it is somewhere around six months.

      You will have to show a 12-month history of all obligations being paid on time with no bounced checks and any judgments or collection accounts within the past two years must be settled. Based on what you have written, that may be a delaying factor for you. The only way to find out for sure what you will need to do is to go to the workshop and then have your initial counseling appointment. Your counselor will create an Action Plan for you so that you can overcome any hurdles in the shortest possible amount of time. By the way, your credit score is not a factor in the NACA process whatsoever.

      All of the above and much more is explained at the workshop, so make sure you make it this Saturday. You will leave with a much better understanding of how the process works and what you will need to accomplish during the process. You will also receive a copy of our Home Buyer’s Workbook, which you should commit to reading cover to cover because of the huge amount of useful information it contains.

      I wish you the best on your journey to home ownership!

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

  4. Ashley
    Posted December 3, 2015 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    My counselor has been great!!!! The process has been really long!!! But I feeling like I am in great hands

    • Posted December 4, 2015 at 11:20 am | Permalink

      Hello Ashley,

      Thank you for acknowledging your counselor’s efforts toward helping you reach your goal of home ownership. The NACA process definitely requires patience and persistence, and giving your counselor your full cooperation as you have done goes a long way toward making things happen. Stick with it and you WILL become a homeowner! Please keep us updated on your progress.

      Tim Trumble
      Online Operations, NACA

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