Please do not bypass posting on this Forum…

Hello Members and Forum Visitors,

As many of you are aware, we created a new version of the NACA Forum roughly two months ago after experiencing significant problems with the old version during a system upgrade. Since that time, a phenomenon has occurred that I have to ask our Forum members and visitors to please stop doing.

The previous version of the Forum included the ability to send personal messages and e-mails to other members, a feature which the new version does not have. As a result, I have included my e-mail address in my Forum signature so members will be able to reach me directly when I have advised them to do so. However, several people, especially new visitors to the Forum, have bypassed the Forum completely and e-mailed me directly instead of posting their questions or concerns here on the Forum.

Please understand that this practice defeats one of the key purposes of the Forum, to help NACA members share their experiences and learn from each other. As unusual as your concerns may seem, it is very probable that other NACA members are experiencing something very similar to you. Many of your questions are in fact far more generic than you may think. By sharing the information through the Forum, we are able to help educate everyone who comes to the Forum either as a member or visitor, making it possible to maximize the effectiveness of the advice and direction we give our members.

While most of the e-mails I have received have started out with very kind comments like, “I saw your e-mail address in the forum, and you seem so helpful…”, YOU can be of great help by not bypassing this Forum and allowing us to help as many members as possible through this medium.

Please remember to NEVER post any personal information in the Forum, including your NACA ID number. Should your question require a review of your file for specific information, you will be asked to e-mail your name and ID number at that point in time. We also keep a database of our Forum members, so once we have that information, we will have it available for future reference if needed.

Once a direct e-mail correspondence has started, we will continue to communicate that way to protect your personal information and details of your file.

I’m sure everyone is aware just how massive the demand is for NACA’s services in both our Purchase and Home Save programs. By making use of this Forum to share questions and experiences we can help the most people possible whether they are attempting to save their home or become new homeowners.


Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

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