NACA’s long standing social media guidelines have always asked our members and guests to post any questions or issues they may have here in our NACA Forum at Unfortunately, that advice has gone unheeded to a large extent, with an increasing number of people directly contacting a staff member whose email address they happen to see on a blog, forum or other social medium.


Unfortunately, while we eagerly want to assist each and every person who has a question, concern or problem regarding NACA, this increasing volume of email creates two problems.  First, it increases what is already a heavy burden on our staff members.  Second and more importantly, it thwarts one of the most fundamental purposes of the NACA forum: The sharing of information that may be beneficial to many of our members.


Most of the questions we receive are more generic in nature than most people think. By posting a question in the Forum first, it can be most likely answered here in the Forum unless it involves specific information in your file. By handling the question or problem here whenever possible, other members experiencing a similar problem could get the answer and help they need more quickly without making a single additional keystroke.


Because of the increasing number of people circumventing this process, we have been forced to institute a stricter procedure with regard to emails such as those described above.  Going forward, direct emails to the Forum administrator or other NACA personnel will receive a response requiring that they post their concerns on the NACA Forum at to have their inquiry addressed.


NACA members who are not willing to communicate through our Forum can still address their concerns directly to their Mortgage Consultant or to NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222.


If your post does require specific information, you will be advised on the best means of contact with us so any personal information can be communicated securely and confidentially.


We hope you understand the need to institute this procedure in order for us to help and advise as many of our members as possible.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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  1. Shanon Ford
    Posted December 12, 2014 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    I’ve tried every other avenue that I know to understand why my file has been cleared by HAND and still has not been cleared to close- now 41 days passed my 2nd closing date. The original contract had me closing in September and then the mortgage consultant gave me a closing date of Oct. 31st. Now the sellers have stated that they are within their rights to sign a contract release and put their home back on the market. Their agent hasn’t responded to us since then so it could show up on the market any day now. I don’t want to see this home that my family refers to as “our home”go to someone else, but NACA’s process has pretty much disempowered me. I am not equipped to prevent it, and certainly don’t understand it. I also don’t understand why NACA doesn’t seem to care. I’ve done all that I can physically do as far as calling multiple times daily, emailing daily, contacting member services, supervisors, etc. No one has made any progress, and I rarely get an update. I don’t know who has my file or when it will be reviewed for closing. Shouldn’t I know that? So now I’m posting to this forum instead of emailing the Forum staff directly. What good will this do? How long will it take for someone to reply, and will they have anything worthwhile to tell me? Let’s see.

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