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    Hi all,

    I understand the frustration on not being able to reach your MC, but i understand that they handle many other files other than ours.
    So my journey began last year December. My first appointment was set to be on February 2020, The MC from NJ was really helpful and explained everything clearly. after the credit check the estimate we got was not ideal for me so she asked me let’s try in few months and in the mean time reduce the debts and save the payment shock that I want to achieve. next appointment was set to first week of April.

    about a week later I get a email stating my MC has left and my case will be re-assigned. I tried calling member-services but no luck, all they said was “once a MC is selected you’ll be notified”. I got in April that I have a new MC and the next appointment is in MAY. another month goes by. I paydown my debt from my savings and I have payment shock and saving all in order ready for this MC meeting. After speaking with him, he sent me an action plan and I did those within a day and emailed him, He did not reach-out to me for over a month and one day he calls me at 9PM and asks me to sign a document so that he can submit for underwriters, when I looked at the document that had the same information what the original MC estimated even after my salary verification with overtime allowed and my paystubs for the past four months showing that I am averaging much more plus my debt to income ratio has gone down drastically. I was honestly angry but i told him why are you giving me the same estimate what my initial MC gave can’t you see that my paystubs, credit card statements and employment verification showing my salary bump since January plus overtime. he basically said ok i will redo but that he cannot use the overtime amount because that is not the base. ( but after attending a post-qualification webinar the organizing underwriter told that they consider the overtime if the employer verification specifically states over time is allowed and it is visible on the past three month paystubs) anyway forget the overtime with calculating my debt to income ratio with the base even we get the value we need. finally mt MC calculated to my correct base salary to give me the expected value, he was rushing me to sign soon to submit because he’s going to be busy. I have been in the status on Qualification -Pending for a week today I got a status update text stating NOT-Qualified-Conditions. I cannot see any conditions listed on my webfile as the link is blank. so i emailed my MC. How long should I wait to hear from him ?

    I found out that my MC is not from the NJ office like the original MC, because my original MC left now I am assigned to a remote counseling MC at north Carolina. while my file is slow, I introduced naca to my work colleague who makes the Exactly the same salary, He had his intake session with a MC from New jersey itself and got qualified within three days, he did not have to give one third of the documents i have to provide, such as rent verification / income verification from work, he was qualified by just looking at the pay-stubs. I just want someone to work with me diligently without ignoring. If i’m complacent I understand but anyone could see that I made an effort and got my debts down and I’ve been saving my payment shock for over 4 months and I have a solid income even through the pandemic, I just don’t understand why my MC is not responding and working with me diligently.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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