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    If the choice is between CC’ing their manager and waiting an extra 3 months, I know which I’d choose… I hope this resolves quickly for you, and I’m interested to hear how it goes. It sounds like you were able to move through everything up to this point very quickly.

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    Did you call Member Services? They seem to be an excellent resource.

    in reply to: Retirement Accounts – Savings vs. Disbursements #48664

    No brownfox152, as I understand it, it means in order to have that cash available to pay your mortgage, you’ll have to stop contributing. It’s enforced not by NACA, but by the realities of the higher mortgage payment.

    And thanks very much, Tim. I had seen you go through several rounds of answers and the question was sinking, but I admit I somehow missed the all caps must read first post. I’ll definitely go read that now. >.>

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    @Quintana1 could you share more about how they tried to intimidate you? And what was the reasoning for the change in approval status after the event?

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    The MC all have appointments booked any time they’re available, right? So they can’t just make more time appear in their schedule when one of them is ill. It’s an unfortunate inconvenience, but if your MC is sick, they’re sick, the same way anyone else gets sick. I’m sure they’d rather be well than sick.

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    What grant do you mean? The funds matching to bring your interest rate down? That is automatic according to at least three different NACA folks, both in person and online.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! As it turns out, we’re going to head to one a full six weeks earlier than our original Intake. It’s a 6 hour drive each way, but it’ll be fun, and 100% worth it to get our timetable moved up by that much. I registered, and called Member Services to confirm – I even found out we don’t have to attend the Workshop again, we can just walk in and wait to see an MC. Very excited! (Still hoping for a cancellation to fill at the local office even sooner, but this is still great.)

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    I can’t say what NACA needs, but in terms of your offer, it should have been made with a closing date after the date when you would have the funds you needed.

    Thanks @ttrumble! Those answers make sense based on my understanding of things, which is reassuring.

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for your answers. I don’t think I explained myself precisely enough. My cobuyer and I currently live in a home that she owns, that will be sold before the new home is purchased. We will be purchasing a new home together. So she is currently paying X amount for the mortgage, and I am paying X amount (to her) for my rent. We were told as long as the home we currently own was sold before we close on the new home, there’s no reason we can’t go through the process. My question was whether both the mortgage amount she pays and the rent I pay to her both count toward Payment Shock.

Viewing 10 posts - 181 through 190 (of 190 total)
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