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    I used my 401K, however I use the mortgage option which didn’t include interest.

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    They allowed any income to come for ours. I couldn’t use my part time job as a professor as the income they counted, however it could go towards our MRF.

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    Your realtor is supposed to complete the Transaction Summary, not you.

    He/She would ask NACA who the settlement agent is.

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    I’d definitely give a call because email seems to be giving you guys a mix up in communication. Good luck!

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    There is not a monthly fee. There is only fees for the credit report and the one time membership fee UNLESS you do not purchase your house before the end of the year. If you do not purchase your house by the end of the year you have to pay fees again next year.

    Hi GlennyP,

    I am building through Great Southern Homes. It’s only South Carolina based.

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    I have no complaints. Don’t let other people decide what NACA is for you.

    Yes, they dig into your finances ALOT but they’re also lending you money to buy a house. Their job is to make sure you can afford it. You will be able to email them once you have a counselor and NACA ID.

    People quit because they don’t wanna put in the work needed to get a home, and a home they can afford. NACA has a low foreclosure rate for a reason.

    Don’t focus on what other people experienced, make your own experience.

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    We recently were able to use our download however they told us that they were transitioning to the VOE SOON and didn’t know how soon. That must be now. I wouldn’t feel comfortable providing my debit card information number via email or anything. The only way I would do it is if I was in the office with them and I could hand them the card to type in while I was in their presence.

    But they did let us know it would be coming soon and we would be responsible for paying for it when the change did occur.

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    When I reached out to remote counseling they told me that May was the earliest they had.

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    Felicia Graham = Columbia, SC goes above & beyond! She’s absolutely AMAZING!! She’s a HC.

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    During the initial workshop did you sign the paper that stated you had all your documents already ready?

    I know our office does that, and it’s those people they call to set up appointments with first. My initial appointment wasn’t until March, it ended up being pushed to January and we submitted our contract today.

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    How long before it expired? Will be be longer than 4 months?

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    I’m so excited about this! Our purchase workshop is Thursday and we plan to submit our Purchase Contract then!

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    All has been resolved 🙂 No need to stress. I was going to delete this but there is no way.

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    MRF is the amount needed before you can close on your home. It’s PITI, your first year of taxes, inspection case, appraisal cost, termite inspection, escrow costs, all of the money that you would need upfront.

    That money can come from any proven source (gift from parents, 401K, tax refund, etc). It doesn’t have to have a savings pattern. If you already have $2K you just need the other $2K.

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